19-year-old who killed her dad over a missed hair appointment faced possibility of life in prison, but a lenient judge has cut her loose

by Jessica

A 19-year-old woman from Michigan, Megan Joyce Imirowicz, who was charged with killing her father, received a sentence of time served and five years’ probation, instead of facing potential life imprisonment. The incident occurred when Megan became upset with her 64-year-old father, Konrad Imirowicz, for being unable to drive her to a hair salon appointment before her 18th birthday party due to being intoxicated.

On October 1, 2021, Megan threw a mixture of lye powder and water on her father while he was asleep in their home in Groveland Township, northwest of Detroit. Her friends later discovered Konrad with severe chemical burns, and despite surviving the initial attack, his injuries were extensive. He had both legs amputated, underwent a tracheotomy, and skin grafts, and experienced various infections and kidney failure. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 6, 2022, after months of suffering.

During the trial, Megan denied using chemicals on her father, claiming she had thrown bread at him to wake him up. Despite her conviction of unlawful possession or use of harmful devices causing death, which could have led to a life sentence, the judge, Victoria Valentine, sentenced her to one year in jail, giving her credit for the 506 days already served, and placed her on five years probation, reported Law & Crime.

As part of her probation, Megan will undergo a psychological evaluation, drug testing, and a court review after six months. She will also wear an electronic tether. The decision did not align with the prosecution’s recommended sentence, but the judge had the authority to make the final determination.

Megan Imirowicz expressed her relief and gratitude after the sentencing, stating that she had been hoping for a miracle, which she believes she received. She praised Judge Valentine, expressing her luck in having her preside over the case. Following her release from the courthouse, reports suggest that Megan went out for a meal of nuggets and fries, reported the Daily Mail.

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