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12-Year-Old Suddenly Dies After Using Popular Deodorant. Mom Hopes Warning Saves Others

by Jessica

When their 12-year-old daughter Paige suddenly died, the Daughtry family was left in shock. The shock came equally from the fact that Paige was so young and the cause of her sudden demise. Simply put, Paige used too much deodorant and died from overuse.

The family readily admitted that Paige was obsessed with spray deodorants. She would frequently spray herself with aerosol scents and use it as if it was “going out of fashion.”

Her parents and the medical authorities believe that she used the scented spray so frequently, that the butane isobutane fumes caused her to pass out on her bed.

Only later did Paige’s parents find the 12-year-old girl passed out lying face down. They rushed her to the hospital. And despite every effort to save her life, Paige died from using too much deodorant two hours later…

Forensic pathologist, Dr. Jonathan Metcalfe, claimed that Paige’s cause of death was ‘” inhalation of volatile substances.”
“Analysis of brain samples revealed two substances present in aerosols – they are known as volatile substances. They are known to be present in deodorant which was present at the scene,” Dr. Metcalfe said.

“Their presence is consistent with inhalation. Death may result from the toxicological effects. The substances are butane and isobutane. There was no natural disease that has contributed to her death.”

The autopsy use showed that Paige did not huff the fumes or anything. It was all a terrible accident and insecure children around the country need to know that this can happen to them if they use too much spray deodorant.

“She would spend hours in the bedroom and would spray and spray as she didn’t want to smell,” said Mrs Daughtry. “She used to spray it in small rooms and I used to tell her off. I suppose that’s something every 12-year-old girl would do, spraying deodorant. But she was overusing deodorant – it was more than we would have expected any girl to put on.”

Her mother continued: “She was a strong character. My feeling is she was the way she was and there was no changing her no matter what we did she marched to her beat, that was Paige.”

The family is broken apart by the tragic death of their little girl. When the police investigation was completed, the coroner Alan Wilson said: “This is the unintentional consequences of a deliberate act. Paige was inhaling the fumes from the deodorant but what she didn’t [intend] is the consequences. It’s most likely that inhaling those fumes has most probably led to her heart rhythm being affected and led to her death.”

Heartbroken, Paige’s family can only try to encourage other children to not use too much deodorant. The Daughtrys want other parents to teach their kids that their actions come with consequences. And too much of a good thing can be very bad sometimes.

Paige had lived with her family in Great Manchester, UK. She was described as a “bright and talented” young girl who studied at Royton and Crompton School. She had dreams of pursuing a career in music or the arts.


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