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12-Year-Old Kid Kicked Out of Class for Gadsden Flag Patch, Told It Has ‘Origins with Slavery’

by Jessica

A 12-year-old boy in Colorado faced expulsion from his class due to a Gadsden flag sticker affixed to his backpack. This incident took place at the Vanguard School, a charter school situated in Colorado Springs.

The boy’s mother engaged in a conversation with a school official, who explained that the expulsion was attributed to the flag’s “origins with slavery and the slave trade.” This encounter was captured on video and shared on social media by Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute, a libertarian think tank.

The Gadsden flag, recognized for its representation of American unity during the Revolutionary War in 1775, was designed by Christopher Gadsden, a delegate to the Continental Congress and a brigadier general in the Continental Army.

Featuring a coiled rattlesnake and the slogan “Don’t Tread On Me,” the flag served as both a symbol of colonial solidarity and a warning to the British against infringing upon the colonists’ rights.

Despite its historical context, the school official cited a 2014 decision by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as justification for their action. The EEOC asserted that the flag could be viewed as racist if someone perceives it as such, regardless of its actual history.

However, the EEOC’s investigation found no direct link between the Gadsden flag and racism or slavery. The agency stated that the flag originated in a non-racial context during the Revolutionary War and has been used to express various non-racial sentiments in political settings.

While some individuals might misuse the flag to convey a racist message, the EEOC concluded that the flag’s historical origins must be considered rather than solely focusing on its ambiguity in contemporary contexts.

The school administrator claimed that the Gadsden flag sticker violated the school district’s policy against disruptive items in class. The mother and her son attempted to share their experience with the local NBC affiliate, KOAA-TV but were reportedly turned away.

Connor Boyack posted about the incident on social media and even invited Colorado Governor Jared Polis to respond. Polis, a Democrat, defended the Gadsden flag as an emblem of the American Revolution and history.

This incident sparked backlash on social media, with many criticizing the school’s action as an infringement on free speech and an example of ideological bias in education. The Vanguard School and the school administrator involved did not provide comments when approached by Fox News.

The incident raises questions about the balance between historical context and subjective interpretation, highlighting the ongoing debate over the influence of ideological agendas in educational settings.

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