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12-Year-Old Girl Bravely Grabs & Swings Snake To Save Her Beloved Pet Guinea Pig

by Jessica

In a heartwarming yet terrifying incident in an Australian backyard, a young girl named Rosie bravely fought off a snake to save her beloved guinea pig, MaxiBon.

The incident went viral online after Rosie’s uncle, Kip Wightman, shared the video on social media, garnering over 8,800 views, the NY Post reported.

In the video, Rosie frantically searches for her pet guinea pig around the corner of her house, and to her horror, she finds MaxiBon in the jaws of a massive snake.

Without a second thought, the 12-year-old girl fearlessly grabs the snake’s tail and starts rotating it in a circular motion, hoping to make it drop her pet.

Her bravery and quick thinking paid off as the snake eventually let go of MaxiBon, allowing Rosie to save her precious little friend.

Rosie told 7News Australia that she acted on pure instinct. “Didn’t even think it through. I was just like, ‘grab the snake, grab the snake.'”

Rosie’s father, Luke Wightman, who intervened and helped his daughter in the situation, said that he found his daughter “holding [the snake] like a hammer thrower.”

They threw the snake over their garden wall after rescuing Rosie’s pet, as reported by Storyful.

“I realized that wasn’t ideal [for the neighbors], and I chased after it and watched it slither away unhurt although a little dizzy,” Wightman told the Australian outlet.

He described the snake as a 2.5-meter python, but the reptile’s exact species remains unclear.

Wightman shared that Rosie “is doing amazing” following the incident, adding that she was “just super relieved that MaxiBon survived.”

He told 7News Australia that he is “proud” Rosie had the “guts to pick up a snake and save her pet’s life.”

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