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11-Year-Old Girl Drowns During Birthday Party As Clueless Lifeguards Fail To Notice For Over An Hour

by Jessica

According to Daily Mail on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, a tragic incident occurred last year at Liquid Leisure waterpark near Windsor, where 11-year-old Kyra Hill drowned during a birthday party on August 6, 2022.

This was revealed at an inquest hearing on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at Berkshire Coroner’s Court. Kyra had gotten into trouble in the swimming area and emergency services were called to the scene at 3:55 pm.

However, it took over an hour for them to arrive and locate her body in the water. Kyra was finally found just after 5:10 pm and rushed to Wexham Park Hospital, but sadly she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The senior coroner Heidi Connor expressed her sincere condolences to Kyra’s grieving family, including her father Leonard Hill, and mother Heather Parker who attended the hearing. A post-mortem examination showed Kyra’s cause of death as drowning.

Connor explained that when a death is deemed unnatural, an inquest must be conducted and four key questions answered: the identity of the deceased, when and where they died, and how the death occurred.

She added that her role also involves considering measures to prevent similar future deaths, under Regulation 28. Kyra’s devastated father previously described replaying the horrifying CCTV footage in his mind daily, calling it like “watching a horror movie.”

He emphasized that Kyra had been swimming in the designated area and not playing on inflatables when the incident happened. The family was informed they would have the chance to share more about Kyra’s life at the full inquest, beyond the traumatic details of her death itself.

Connor clarified that the coroner’s verdict describes how a death occurs, whereas the cause of death is a medical determination. While Kyra’s interim death certificate listed drowning as the cause, the coroner can potentially revise this based on evidence.

However, that is uncommon. For now, the inquest has been adjourned as investigations continue involving the local authorities and police.

This heartbreaking case has shaken the community and raised serious concerns about water safety measures. The delayed emergency response and apparent lack of supervision at the aquatic facility will likely be scrutinized.

Kyra’s loved ones hope the inquest will provide answers and accountability while honoring her young life tragically cut short. Connor emphasized that the fuller inquest will allow the family to memorialize Kyra’s life outside the harrowing details of her death.

For a grieving family seeking closure, this may bring some small comfort as they grapple with this devastating loss.

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