11-Month-Old Baby ‘Clinging Onto Life’ After Accidentally Falling Into Boiling Water

by Jessica

An unfortunate incident has left an 11-month-old baby in critical condition after he fell into scalding water, resulting from a grave mistake made by his mother.

Tetyana usually enjoys bath time with her son as part of their daily routine, but nothing like this had ever occurred before. Her typical process involves filling a bucket with boiling water and then bringing it into the bedroom for her son.

Normally, she would mix the extremely hot water with cold water to achieve a suitable temperature for her child. Tragically, it took only a few seconds for her son to accidentally fall into the scalding water while playing on a table above the bucket.

As soon as she realized what had happened, she rushed to rescue him. In her haste, she inadvertently wrapped the injured boy in a cotton cloth. When she unwrapped the cloth, it peeled away his skin.

Daniil was immediately taken to an Odessa hospital, where it was determined that 80% of his body had suffered severe burns. Remarkably, his toes, fingers, and forehead were the only areas spared by the scalding water.

Doctors are doing their utmost to provide the best possible treatment for Daniil, given the severity of his injuries. However, they are cautious about discussing survival rates following such a traumatic experience.

Nurses at the hospital have reported that Daniil’s constant screams of pain have made it difficult for him to speak. The hospital’s director stated that they are offering the boy the highest level of care in this critical situation.

Tetyana is devastated by her mistake and has not left her son’s side. She struggles to forgive herself for the suffering Daniil is enduring.

Authorities have acknowledged that it was an unintentional mistake, and while deadly in its consequences, it was not an intentional act.

Many parents can empathize with Tetyana, understanding that it is not always possible to provide constant supervision for their children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tetyana and her son during this difficult time.

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