Boyfriend beat his girlfriend’s 1-year-old son to death, the toddler’s severe injuries were sustained by either his abdomen or back being against a hard surface

by Jessica

In a tragic case, Enrico, a 27-year-old man, has been found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse resulting in severe bodily harm. His conviction comes after he beat his girlfriend’s baby to death while caring for the child.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on December 1, 2019, when the baby’s mother, who remains unidentified, contacted authorities, reporting her child’s unresponsiveness.

First responders swiftly rushed the child to the hospital, where he was tragically pronounced dead. At the time, the mother and her older children were at a local laundromat, with Enrico being the sole caregiver for the baby.

The mother informed investigators that, upon her return home the previous evening at around 7:09 p.m., Enrico had assured her that he had fed and put her son to bed. However, she did not check on the child again until the following morning.

Upon examining the child, hospital staff noted a bloated abdomen and a bruise on his lower back. Consequently, the baby’s remains were sent to the medical examiner’s office for a thorough autopsy.

During interviews with investigators, Enrico claimed that he had discovered the child unresponsive in his crib the next morning.

However, an autopsy revealed that the 1-year-old boy had died from severe injuries to his internal organs caused by blunt force trauma.

The medical examiner further detailed lacerations within the child’s internal organs, spine fractures, and additional internal injuries, indicating that the injuries were consistent with the child’s abdomen or back coming into contact with a hard surface, resulting in severe blunt force injuries.

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